This is a list of the faculty members at Hanceville Middle School and their email addresses.
To access a teacher's web site, click on their name.

Jennifer Collins            jennifercollins@ccboe.org
Miriam Adams          mcadams@ccboe.org
Desiree Bartlett            desireebartlett@ccboe.org
Cathi Bradford        cbradford@ccboe.org
Brenda Camp            bcamp@ccboe.org
Arianna Chandler            achandler@ccboe.org
Charley Clingman        cclingman@ccboe.org
Hilary Nix                        hnix@ccboe.org
Kim Kanaday                kkanaday@ccboe.org
Pat Laney                    planey@ccboe.org
Meredith Lesnansky    mlesnansky@ccboe.org
Carrie Morrow            cmorrow@ccboe.org
Les Robertson            lrobertson@ccboe.org
Cyndi Roden                croden@ccboe.org
Tammy Ryan                 tryan@ccboe.org

Mark Sloan                  msloan@ccboe.org
Kelly Taylor                ktaylor@ccboe.org
Amy Whaley                awhaley@ccboe.org
Karen Yarns                kyarns@ccboe.org